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KSOK | 959BOBFM uses a unique and powerful combination of radio and news-site advertising to grow all types and sizes of businesses and organizations. We are 100% locally owned, 100% locally operated and 100% locally committed to help you grow your business. 


Cowley Post

Cowley Post offers a unique news source to the area. We offer FREE, UNLIMITED access to keep our community updated and in-the-know. In a month, our site has seen nearly 80,000 visits with an event count of 211,000. Several of our ads have gotten thousands of impressions within a few days. AND, our news articles are linked to our Facebook page, which has a following of over 13,000 people. Make your advertising dollar go farther with us! 



Radio is local. It connects communities. It connects individuals within communities. It’s interactive. It’s mobile by design. It’s free, AND it has the ADDED feature of a built-in mega-phone to reach people before, during and after they engage with a website, facebook, or even a point of purchase.

Why radio advertising? Radio advertising is an effective tool for reaching consumers in today’s media landscape. Extensive research by the Radio Advertising Bureau reveals a robust weekly audience of radio listeners.

  • Radio is the medium of choice all day. Your customers spend more time with radio than with any other medium. Radio (44%), TV/Cable (41%), Newspapers (10%), and Magazines (5%).
  • Radio reaches virtually everyone. Radio is an integral part of everyday life and targets your customers effectively and efficiently.
  • Radio builds top-of-mind awareness. Radio paints a picture. It engages the imagination and adds sizzle to any advertising campaign. When used creatively, radio can create an intimate, “one-on-one” interaction with the listener.
  • Radio works in real-time, which means ads can be scheduled and strategically placed to run at just the time when people are most ready to be influenced by the message.
  • Radio has the ability to deliver a selective audience. Ask our marketing specialists about the core group of consumers who listen to KQSN/WBBZ on a daily basis.
  • Radio is the most flexible medium. Business conditions can change fast, and radio is perfectly suited to meet those changes. Production of commercials is quick and cost free at KQSN and WBBZ, allowing local advertisers to put out just the right message at the right time. Radio has a short turnaround time. When there are changes that need to be made, radio responds quickly.
  • Radio is cost-efficient. Reach tens of thousands of buyers at the most affordable rate.

Who’s Listening? Over 92 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners. Even among 12- to 17-year-olds, who are perceived as not listening to the radio, nearly 90 percent listen weekly.

Where Do They Listen? Everywhere! Radio is mobile.

  • The majority of radio listening occurs in cars, with 73 percent of adults age 18 and up listening while driving on a typical weekday. The second most popular location for listening is at home, followed closely by at-work listening.
  • Radio rules the workplace with 65% saying they listen to radio at work.
  • Radio reaches those “on-the-go”.

How Does Radio Advertising Work? It really takes three key areas to make your radio advertising work for you:

  1. What you say. The words you use in your ads need to be compelling to the target customer group.
  2. How you say it. We will help you create memorable and entertaining commercials for your particular message.
  3. How many times your message is said.  Don’t spread your marketing budget too thinly. DOMINATE months, weeks, days, or even time periods with your message. Make yourself famous through repetition.

Our marketing specialists at KSOK can work with you to make sure these critical areas are covered before you start your radio campaign with us.

Advertising on KSOK | 959BOBFM

Why KSOK? Advertising on our radio stations can help your business do more business. It’s really quite simple. The more people you invite to do business with you, the more potential customers you’ll attract. We’re in business to help you do more business. That is, OUR business. Call us for a free no-obligation consultation and let’s talk about how to increase your sales and profits with the right combination of radio and new media advertising!