Local Radio: Impacting over 86% of consumers every week


An article this week on AllAccess.com quotes Nielsen VP/Research Jon Miller as saying “It’s no secret, radio’s reach is unprecedented.”  In fact according to a Q2 2015 Audio Today Report, 245 million Americans aged 12 years old and older tuned to radio during an average week across more than 250 markets. The report also goes on to say that “while the bigger markets often grab the headlines, small and medium markets are still viable and vibrant ways to reach consumers.”

A new report, that was focused on small and medium markets, indicates that more than 86% of consumers are tuning into radio during any given week and spend over 15 hours weekly listening.  Those are impressive numbers.

And how about the demographics?  In small and medium markets radio is reaching 86.8% of Boomers (50-74), 89.9% of Gen-Xers (35-49) and 86.5% of 12-34 year old Millennials.


Still strong.

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