Beware the Local Advertising Agency

If your business does a fair amount of advertising, chances are you will be approached by a local advertising agency promising to handle your advertising for you.  Their sales pitch is appealing— “You don’t have time to handle your advertising, so let us handle... Read More.

If Your Doors Are Open, You Should Be Advertising

Many business owners think they only need to advertise when having a sale.  However, according to Michael Corbett, author of “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising”, there are five indisputable reasons for businesses  to advertise all the time.1)  People shop all the time. ... Read More.

Don’t Spread Your Advertising Too Thin

There is a word that describes people who have succumbed to the popular, alluring, seductive notion that “the more people you reach with your ad, the better chance you have of growing.“  The word is “scammed.“Local advertisers may buy TV, radio, newspaper, bus benches... Read More.

What Happens When You Stop Advertising?

Have you ever watched a train begin to move?  The engine fires up and the train begins to move forward, slowly at first, then faster and faster until it reaches full speed.If you were to disconnect the engine while the train was moving at... Read More.

We Can’t Help Everybody, But Maybe We Can Help You

Unfortunately, we can't help everybody.  But maybe we can help you.An effective radio advertising is a powerful and effective way to generate new business.  At Delta Radio Network, our specialty is carefully-crafted attention-getting ad campaigns designed to attract the listener’s attention and get them... Read More.

Avoid Clichés in Your Radio Ads

Why is it that many advertisers want their commercials to sound like commercials?  You know the kind – “tell everyone I’ve been in business since 1972, mention my convenient locations and be sure to include my phone number.”  Big yawn!  A commercial shouldn’t be... Read More.

Radio’s Weakness is Actually Our Greatest Strength

Business owners sometimes say "I can't measure radio advertising." Some even avoid Radio advertising altogether for that very reason.  Yes, Radio results can sometimes be hard to trace because we reach consumers even when they don't know they are being reached.  So, they can't... Read More.

Stop Doing What Isn’t Working

Many businesses keep doing the same thing week after week, month after month, year after year, without taking the time to determine if it's working or not.  In some cases, it's hard to determine if your advertising is indeed working.  A steady stream of... Read More.

Local Radio: Impacting over 86% of consumers every week

An article this week on quotes Nielsen VP/Research Jon Miller as saying "It’s no secret, radio’s reach is unprecedented."  In fact according to a Q2 2015 Audio Today Report, 245 million Americans aged 12 years old and older tuned to radio during an... Read More.

Something Every Advertiser Should Know

Before you advertise with us, there is one thing you must know: everything included in your commercial or advertisement must be true.  The Federal Trade Commission, who oversees truth-in-advertising, takes a dim view on commercials that mislead or downright lie to consumers, even if by accident. Raising... Read More.

Why Advertise Frequently and Steadily?

Consumers have new wants and needs, and make new purchases every day Very few people have a need for any specific merchandise item on any given day. In half of all the general merchandise categories measured in a consumer study, the individual's decision to buy... Read More.