Emma Corrin on FX’s ‘A Murder at the End of the World’, true crime go-tos and working on ‘Deadpool 3’


Emmy-nominated The Crown veteran Emma Corrin now stars as hacker and amateur sleuth Darby Hart in FX’s new series A Murder at the End of the World, which also streams on Hulu

Corrin’s character, dubbed “Gen Z Sherlock Holmes” for her work unraveling cold cases, is invited for a meeting of the minds by a reclusive billionaire played by Clive Owen — but things go sideways when one of the guests turns up dead.

“She grew up on crime scenes,” Corrin explains to ABC Audio. “Her father was the county coroner. And I think she’d seen so many crime scenes by the time she was even 18 that it gave her the sort of very realistic, not jaded view of the world.”

Emma continues, “But she definitely … doesn’t suffer fools and sees the world for what it really is, sees people for who they really are, but still wants to see the best in people and wants to find hope.”

Corrin adds of Darby, “She has this real sort of balance of this darkness and lightness in her, which I think makes her a really intriguing character, certainly to play and hopefully to watch as well.”

Turns out, the actress is also fan of true crime content. “I absolutely adored … a series called London Spy with Ben Whishaw, which came out … quite a while ago. But I’ve I hadn’t heard of it. And … I just binged it in one night. It was so brilliant.”

With the strike over, Corrin is back to work on another high-profile project: playing an as-yet-unknown role opposite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3. “Absolutely phenomenal,” the performer gushes. “I’m so excited and I feel very lucky to have something to return to so quickly.”

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