Florence Pugh hit in the face by fan-thrown object


Florence Pugh became the latest celebrity to get struck by an object thrown by an over-excited fan.

The incident happened on Sunday, while she and her fellow Dune: Part Two cast members were promoting the movie at the CCXP 2023 convention in São Paulo, Brazil.

According to video posted by a fan, the Oscar-nominated star was smiling for photos, arm in arm with Austin Butler, Timothée Chalamet, Souheila Yacoub, director Denis Villenueve, and Zendaya, and when a small item hit Pugh in her right eye.

She grabbed her face before crouching down to fetch the object, while a peeved Butler scanned the crowd to see who threw it.

Pugh, like Butler, is a newcomer to the Oscar-winning Dune franchise. She plays Princess Irulan in the movie, which opens March 1.

The incident is reminiscent of other such occurrences at concerts this year: Harry Styles was hit in the face by a thrown water bottle at a show in July; in June, Bebe Rexha got a black eye on stage when a fan frisbeed a cellphone at her.

In that case, the offender was arrested and charged with assault.

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