‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ trailer scores record 93 million views in just 24 hours


Safe to say gamers are pretty hyped about the next Grand Theft Auto game: More than a decade since the last installment premiered, Rockstar Games dropped the trailer to Grand Theft Auto VI on Monday, December 4, and it racked up a record 93 million views in just 24 hours. 

The game developer calls it an “extraordinary milestone” — and indeed, it’s a record for a non-music video debut on the platform.

It easily out-paced the previous record, which was set in August of this year by popular YouTuber Mr. Beast, whose entry Every Country On Earth Fights for $250,000 challenge racked up 59.4 million views in that amount of time. 

Leo Olebe, global head of YouTube Gaming noted, “Setting this new all-time record is a testament to the cultural impact of the series,” which, “has been at the epicenter of entertainment for decades.” 

He added, ” We expect the YouTube community and its creators to reach new heights for years to come with Grand Theft Auto VI.”

To date, the trailer has generated some 250 million views on the platform thanks to content creators’ videos on the topic — which is notable, seeing as the anticipated game won’t be released until 2025. 

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