Jennifer Lawrence says aging, makeup has sparked baseless plastic surgery rumors


Jennifer Lawrence is opening up about aging in the spotlight.

The Academy Award-winning actress discussed with Kylie Jenner how her appearance has changed over the years thanks to makeup and growing older, shooting down rumors that she’s “had full plastic surgery,” in a chat for Interview magazine.

“It’s incredible what makeup can do because I work with [makeup artist] Hung [Vanngo], who overlines the lip, and I call him a plastic surgeon, because everybody in the last few months since I’ve been working with him is convinced that I had eye surgery,” Lawrence told Jenner.

“I’m like, ‘I didn’t have eye surgery. I’m doing makeup,"” she continued.

The “Hunger Games” actress, 33, then shared with Jenner how she has seen people comparing her appearance when she was first starting out to now and speculating on what she’s had done.

“I started at 19, so I get the before and after pictures from when I’m 19 to 30 and I’m like, ‘I grew up. I lost baby weight in my face, and my face changed because I’m aging,"” she said.

Lawrence continued, “Everybody thought I had a nose job, and I’m like, ‘I’ve had the exact same nose. My cheeks got smaller. Thank you for bringing it up."”

Jenner echoed Lawrence’s sentiments, saying, “I’ll see before and after photos when I’m 12 years old versus 26, and my eyebrows are filled differently. I have contour on. I’m like, ‘How can you compare my 12-year-old face and say I’ve gotten my jaw shaved and eyelids removed?’ I’m like, ‘What are we talking about?"”

The Kylie Cosmetics founder also said in the chat that she got into lip contouring because she wanted the “illusion that I had fuller lips,” later noting that she did eventually get lip fillers.

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