Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence trial begins


Majors, 34, faces misdemeanor assault and harassment charges stemming from an incident in March with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Majors has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could serve up to a year in prison.

Majors entered criminal court early Wednesday in a long black coat and sunglasses accompanied by his girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, and his defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry.

He appeared to be carrying a Bible in his left hand.

Before jury selection began, Majors’ attorneys argued the actor’s celebrity status means the courtroom should be closed while the parties discuss an “evidentiary matter.” His attorneys deemed the undisclosed matter so sensitive that anything short of closing the courtroom and keeping it under seal would severely undermine Majors’ ability to receive a fair trial.

An attorney for media organizations argued the defense has been making public statements “like crazy,” so there was no issue about excessive publicity.

Other pretrial motions dispensed prior to jury selection may include whether prosecutors will be allowed to call so-called “prior bad act witnesses,” other women whose prior accusations against Majors are not part of the misdemeanor assault charges.

Once the jurors are chosen and sworn, the judge will send them home and instruct them to return Thursday for opening statements.

Majors was arrested after officers responded to a 911 call in Manhattan for an alleged domestic dispute. Jabbari was treated at a hospital for minor neck and head injuries, including a cut to her ear, police said.

The Marvel star has denied the assault and filed a cross-complaint against his ex. Chaudhry claims Majors was the one assaulted and is “the real victim in this shameful ordeal.”

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