Michelle Yeoh talks new action-packed series ‘The Brothers Sun’


Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh is back onscreen, playing yet another complicated character in the Netflix series The Brothers Sun.

In the new action-packed drama, the Everything Everywhere All at Once star portrays a mom of two named Eileen Sun.

Created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, and written by a nearly all-Asian writers room, the series follows the family story of a Taiwanese gang leader who was shot by a mysterious assassin.

Charles Sun (Justin Chien), raised as a hardened criminal and ruthless killer, is forced to leave Taipei and head to Los Angeles following the death of his father, in order to protect his mother Eileen and his naïve brother Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li), who was previously in the dark about his family history until his brother’s arrival.

Yeoh tells Good Morning America, “When I read the script, the complexities, the characters, and the story that he wants to tell — how it is set with a different tone — I went, ‘This is very interesting,"” she said.

“I think the most important thing was the story really jumped at me, because you know, violence is violence, but how they have set this violence, the gore, into a very dark humor where you go, ‘I don’t want to laugh at it, but I am, I can’t help myself,’ it is really funny,” she continued.

Gushing over her co-stars Chien and Li, who play her adult children on the show, she shared that both of the actors are “hysterical” and praised their martial arts skills.

Yeoh, 61, has been involved in the martial art world for decades, having starred — and stunt performed — in Hong Kong action films since the ’80s.

Yeoh tells GMA, “I basically exercise every day, I do a lot of stretching, because I want to always be ready.”

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