Opening Wednesday: Disney’s animated film ‘Wish’


It’s a wish come true for many – a new Disney animated musical just in time for the holidays: Wish hits theaters Wednesday, starring the voices of Oscar winner Ariana DeBose and Star Trek’s Chris Pine.

The movie’s writer and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation Studios, Jennifer Lee, tells ABC Audio that a couple of years ago they started planning for a new animated Disney movie for 2023 that would honor this year being Disney’s 100thanniversary. 

“Once someone hit on the idea of wishing on a star, they were off and running,” she explains. “Disney is so connected to the concept of wishing, but what is that? And as you think about a wish, the purpose, your purpose in life, that courage to try to fulfill it, all the things that can be destroyed and exploited — I’m like, ‘There’s so much story in that, just a single word."” 

Lee then adds, “And that’s when I was like, ‘Okay, can I write it?"”

Co-directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn loaded the movie with Disney Easter eggs. “I know we have a list and we don’t even know all the ones that are in there,” Buck admits. “I think it’s over 100. Some way more subtle than others.”

Producer Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Jones says he hopes the movie encourages viewers to “persevere and not give up, because that’s also what this movie’s about.”

He adds, “You know, sometimes the world and life can feel tough, but it’s still up to us to continue on. And I think the world needs a movie like that right now.”

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