Peacock debuts trailer to Seth MacFarlane’s prequel series ‘Ted’


On Wednesday, Seth MacFarlane personally introduced the trailer to his Peacock prequel series based on his hit Ted movies.

“Telling the story of Ted (MacFarlane) and John’s early days,” Seth explains, the ’90s-set show’s sneak peek is set to The Proclaimer‘s “500 Miles” — which is comically slowed down when the potty-mouthed teddy bear and his 16-year-old thunder buddy John Bennett (Max Burkholder) “get high for the first time.”

Burkholder is, of course, playing the younger version of Mark Wahlberg‘s grown up — in age, at least — character from the films.

The sneak peek also sees Ted dressed as an Ewok at a costume party and John’s painful realization he’s the last virgin in his high school class.

The series debuts January 11.

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