Sorry, folks: Martha Stewart has canceled Thanksgiving


Sorry, everyone: Martha Stewart has canceled Thanksgiving.

The author, chef, and homemaking and lifestyle guru has hit a wall that many people have experienced after opening their doors for annual feast: She’s “all turkeyed out.”

Stewart revealed to Kelly Clarkson on the singer’s eponymous talk show on Thursday that she won’t be in the kitchen in a week.

“I gave up on Thanksgiving,” Martha said.

Stewart explained, “I canceled. Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick. So decided, I called up my chef friend and I said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving."”

Stewart added, “I’ve also cooked, like, 14 turkeys already for my TV show, and I still have to do one more turkey I think on the Today show.”

So “you’re a little turkeyed out,” Kelly offered, to which Martha agreed, “I am, I’m turkeyed out.”

Stewart said she’s visiting friends instead. “I’m going to about five different homes to taste different courses,” to which Kelly said, “Oh my God: Those friends must be so stressed out.”

Stewart said playfully, “Oh, I hope so.”

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