‘The Fugitive’ director Andrew Davis is “grateful” for its 30th anniversary Blu-ray, digital release


“I didn’t kill my wife!” Harrison Ford‘s Dr. Richard Kimball says, pointing a gun at Tommy Lee Jones in the blockbuster 1993 film The Fugitive. “I don’t care,” replies Jones as U.S. marshal Sam Gerard, in the movie that netted him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

And now that unforgettable scene, and others, can be enjoyed in a whole new way, thanks to a special 30th anniversary edition of the movie, which has just been released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and digital.

In the movie, an adaptation of the 1960s TV series, Ford’s character is falsely accused of killing his wife; while on the run from Jones’ dogged tracker, he sets out to find the real killer.

“I’m very grateful that it resonates and lives on,” director Andrew Davis tells ABC Audio.

He adds of the remastering, “Now we can go in there and nuance every little detail digitally, and it’s fantastic, you know … it’s going to look better on your Blu-ray and 4K monitor than it [did] in the theater, actually. It’s got more quality.”

Davis remarks about his leading men, “I hadn’t worked with Harrison before and it was really wonderful to have him play a real person, not a superhero, you know, as he’s done in the Raiders and all these other — Star Wars and stuff like that.”

Davis adds, “And Tommy, he really brought a Texas marshal to this thing. You know, he’s in Chicago and he’s playing this Texas Ranger in a way, throughout the whole movie, you know. And I thought that was a nice contrast to the sort of rich Chicago doctor.”

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