Tim Allen on his Christmas “wish” for ‘The Santa Clauses’ co-star Eric Stonestreet’s Mad Santa


Tim Allen once again plays Scott Calvin/Santa in season 2 of The Santa Clauses, which is now streaming on Disney+. But this time around, Scott and his family tangle with Eric Stonestreet‘s Magnus Antas aka the Mad Santa. 

However, in spite of his name, Allen explains you have to feel for the guy. “Eric killed it,” Allen enthuses. 

“The story is layered. He’s not mad, he just was disappointed in human beings about the word giving and what people started taking more than they’re giving. So he has an arc that’s a — it’s a likable villain,” Allen insists.

The Mad Santa has been magically exiled to limbo, viewers learn, before he’s accidentally freed into the present after hundreds of years. 

In fact, arguably some of the funnier moments after the so-called Mad Santa first emerges are because he’s not even all that mad — he’s just happy to be out.

“I loved it,” Allen exclaims with a laugh. “He was just sitting there — ‘This is not bad. I kind of like it."”

Allen confesses, “To be honest with you, I wish I’d seen more of that. … I wished he’d put his hair back at one point. [Got] dolled up and got [to] take the shirt off and kind of relax. I wish we’d see him that way a little bit more.” But instead, “He gets real angry again real quick.”  

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