ACFD/EMS utilize shipping containers for new training grounds, facility


The Arkansas City Fire and EMS Department announced Thursday a new training facility and grounds located at the west end of Ark City on Madison Avenue.

As of last week, the Public Works Department completed essential grading and dirt work to facilitate the placement of shipping containers, which will serve as the core of the training facility, according to a news release from ACFD/EMS.

“This facility will be equipped to conduct a wide range of training exercises, including live fire training, live burn training, search and rescue operations in simulated structure fires, firefighter safety drills featuring an SCBA (air pack) confidence course, company-based training sessions following NFPA section 1410 guidelines, and comprehensive engine and truck company operations simulations,” Ken Corcran, Division Chief of Training, Ark City Fire/EMS Department, said.

In addition to these critical training areas, the facility will house dedicated zones for propane props to simulate vehicle fires and flammable gas-related emergencies, vehicle extrication exercises, structural collapse training, hazardous materials training, and live scenario training for EMS-based evolutions, the news release said.

“One of the most significant advantages of this training facility will be its positive impact on the community’s Insurance Services Office rating. By establishing this essential resource, the Arkansas City Fire and EMS Departments stand to earn an additional 35 points toward their ISO rating. This achievement will, in turn, result in reduced insurance rates for the residents of Arkansas City and the surrounding areas, further contributing to the safety and well-being of the community,” Corcran said.

Establishing this training facility is a testament to the collaboration between various city departments and dedicated employees.

“The Arkansas City Fire and EMS Departments want to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking personnel of the Public Works Department for their invaluable contribution to this project. Their dedication and efforts have played a crucial role in making this training facility a reality,” Corcran said.