AUDIO: Frazer Says Work On North Summit Still Within Contract Timeframe, Expects August Completion


Roadwork on North Summit in Ark City is still on schedule and within the contract timeframe, according to City Manager Randy Frazer Friday morning.

Frazer said on KSOK’s Get Up & Go Show he understands the frustrations with road work — especially in such a busy section of Summit between Kansas and Radio Lane — but assured work would be complete well before the end of August.

Frazer said the construction company contracted by the city, Pearson Construction LLC out of Wichita, did the milling of the road all at once instead of one lane at a time because its milling machine is used for other projects across the region.

Frazer added curb, gutter and entry ways for business are also a part of the project.

“If they have to replace the entire driveway entrance, so they that they don’t shut the business down, they’re having to do half of it at a time and once they pour the concrete you need four to seven days before you put traffic back on it, so they’re balancing all that,” Frazer said. “It’s a dance.”

Frazer’s full on-air interview with KSOK can be listened to via the file below: