Cowley College Humanities Chair To Be Published In Book About The I35 Corridor

(Image courtesy Amazon)

Cowley College Humanities and Communications Department Chair Marlys Cervantes will have some of her work published in Level Land: Poems For and About the I35 Corridor.

According to a news release from the college, the poetry anthology, published by Lamar University Press, includes numerous authors with writings that cover the area and topics that relate to issues of that area.

Cervantes will be among a few poets reading from the anthology at a book launch held at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Okla., on Dec. 10 at 3 p.m.

“While I’m delighted to be published in the anthology, I’m most excited because some of the poets included are writers I teach in my various creative writing and literature classes,” Cervantes said. “What could make me happier than that?”

According to Amazon, the book tackles stereotypes of the region.

“Many folks think of the middle of the country as “flyover country,” the book’s description reads. “Level Land: Poetry for and About the I35 Corridor, dispels this myth. Included in this expansive anthology are poems from authors of diverse backgrounds from the southern border of Laredo, Texas up to the Canadian border in Minnesota.

“You will read poems from folks from all walks of life from college professors to community performers, in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, and indigenous languages such as Kiowa, about a variety of subjects, all inspired by the cultural and geographic landscape of this unique region of America. Level Land re-defines flyover country, instead, as a creative corridor filled with the vibrancy of life.”