Cowley College Signs Articulation Agreement With KDOC


Looking to make Cowley College course offerings more attractive to Kansas Department of Corrections employees, the college and KDOC recently signed an articulation agreement.

According to a news release from Cowley College Tuesday morning, the agreement offers KDOC employees 24 hours of college credit for completing the KDOC academy and at least one year of “solid work history.”

By entering into this agreement, KDOC employees agree to take the remainder of their courses at Cowley College.

“I am super excited that this articulation is completed,” criminal justice instructor Frank Owens stated in the news release. “The Department of Corrections has emerged as an employer that is attracting many students and employees to the field.”

Cowley says Major Tyler Clark at the Winfield Kansas Department of Corrections is enthusiastic about cementing a larger, more involved partnership between Cowley College’s Criminal Justice program and the Winfield KDOC.

“We have discussed other ideas to grow relations between the two entities as well,” Owens said. “I think this articulation is a perfect example of a win-win scenario.

“KDOC gains educated employees who are encouraged to stay in the field, and the students get a jump on their AAS degree through work experience. While Cowley gets students committed to coming here for their educational needs.”