Gas pipeline maintenance in Ark City sparks calls to emergency services


Routine maintenance on a gas pipeline in Ark City has led to some residents calling emergency services about fires, but Cowley County Emergency Management assures there is no need for alarm.

“We have received several calls reference a possible fire in the area between Skyline Road and Radio Lane, west of 8th Street, in Arkansas City,” CCEM posted on social media Tuesday. “The Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline is performing routine system assessments this week at this location.”

CCEM said the flame that has caused some phone calls is controlled and a part of the burn-off procedure for escaping gas during maintenance.

“Safety personnel will be onsite during the burns and monitoring it for public safety,” CCEM added. “If you do see something that causes concern do not hesitate to call dispatch. We will investigate all calls as usual and want the public to have peace of mind.”

The photo below is an example of a similar operation that is taking place this week in Ark City.