July Totaled More COVID Cases Than The Previous 4 Months Combined, Health Dept. Says


COVID numbers increased drastically in July, according to the latest newsletter posted by the City-Cowley County Health Department.

“July has seen an extreme increase within the county with more cases than the previous four months combined,” the health department stated.

The health department recorded 517 cases of the virus for the month through July 29, when the newsletter was posted, making it the most cases in the county in one month except for January 2022, when the omicron variant led to 2,675 cases for that month alone.

“We urge the public to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of illness,” the health department stated. “This sharp rise in cases could prove extremely dangerous to the most vulnerable members of our community.”

The health department recommends mask-wearing and social distancing as appropriate “in order to help prevent the spread of illness.”

“COVID has not left the community and now is not the time to let our guard down,” the newsletter said. “By taking necessary precautions, we can all do our part in protecting the health of our fellow citizens.”

So far for the year, Cowley County has tallied 3,904 cases of the virus, or 93 percent of 2021’s total.