‘Robotic Challenge’ held at Cowley College’s Sumner Campus


The Third Annual Robotic Challenge was held last week on the Cowley College Sumner Campus on Thursday and Friday in Wellington..

The basic competition took place Thursday, and the advanced competition was held Friday. The event has grown to 14 schools and 29 teams, according to a news release from the college. It grew from a one-day event to a two-day event due to the number of students on each team.

The event started with middle schools.

This year, Vanessa Sawyer at Eisenhower Elementary in Wellington, had a team for the basic and advanced competitions. The preparation for the competitions started the last fall.

Instructors met with Cowley College Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor David Hays to go over the competitions and discuss the robots. The robots were provided to the schools at no expense.

Teachers at the schools spend extra time mentoring the students on building the robots, coding, programming, designing, and problem-solving, the college said.

“It’s a great team building and critical thinking opportunity for all,” Sumner Campus Operations Officer Jan Grace said. “David provides the teachers with YouTube videos, answers questions, and gives overall support to the teachers.”

Cowley College, KanOkla, Sumner County Economic Development, and Sumner Cowley Electric partnered to provide the robots, the event, advertising, and support for the event.

“It was exciting to see all the students having fun and learning,” Grace said.

The winners of the Basic Robotic Challenge: 1st place Clearwater 6; 2nd place Oxford; 3rd place Caldwell.

The winners of the Advanced Challenge: 1st place Arkansas City; 2nd place Eisenhower Elementary; 3rd place South Haven.

Schools can email Jan Grace at [email protected] to be added to the list for the 4th Annual Robotic Challenge.

“Donations towards the robots and event are greatly appreciated,” the college stated.