Search Called Off At Winfield City Lake Following Report Of Missing Child


Search efforts ended just before 7 p.m. Thursday for a child reported missing in the water at Winfield City Lake.

At 2:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon, a woman who was at the beach area of the north side of the lake reported to park personnel a boy, approximately 8-10 years old, was missing in the water.

The woman, who had no relationship to the child in question, said she saw the boy playing in the water and when she turned around, heard gargling sounds and no longer saw him when she looked back at the lake.

According to Winfield Fire/EMS Coordinator Brad Kline told KSOK at the scene there were roughly 30 people, adults and children, in the water at the time of the reported incident.

Park personnel immediately began looking for the boy. Others in the water also began looking for the boy after the woman said a child was missing.

As more first responders and law enforcement arrived, search and rescue boats were put in the water. An EagleMed helicopter was called to the scene as a precaution and landed in an open grass area near the beach area.

Kline said law enforcement asked campers and visitors at the beach area and around the lake if a child was missing, but all said everyone was accounted for.

Two boats with sonar capabilities began mapping the area, but no body or evidence of a drowning was found.

Kline said the swimming area is 8-10 feet at its deepest at its boundary.

Kansas Wildlife and Parks, Winfield Fire/EMS, the Winfield Police Department, Cowley County Sheriff’s Office, Butler County Fire and a dive team from Augusta responded.