Witness At Raucous Rural Party Tells Deputies One Person Who Fell Into A Fire Was Pushed Back In It


The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a party that got out of hand in the early morning hours last weekend.

According to a news release from CCSO late Friday morning, the party involved underage drinking and a fight that led to an individual falling into a fire. Cowley County Sheriff David Falletti told KSOK two suspects were members of the Cowley College wrestling team.

On Sunday Oct. 9, at approximately 2:31 a.m., the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Ark City Police Department in regards to an incident that happened in the county.

A nurse with SCK Medical Center reported an individual was currently in the Emergency Department with burns on the arm after attending an underage drinking party at a unknown location. After speaking with the individual, it was discovered the incident occurred at an unknown location in rural Cowley County.

The individual, who has not been identified, was transferred to Wichita for further treatment.

On the evening of Oct. 9, deputies were able to speak with the individual who said he had been drinking at a party when an altercation occurred and he was struck by another individual and fell into a fire.

“The individual didn’t have much recollection of the events that occurred, however, a person who had been with the individual at the party stated that after he fell, someone else pushed him back down after he was trying to get up,” the sheriff’s office stated. “This investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests at this time.”