Work On Ark City Gas Line Between Walmart, Orscheln To Begin Monday


Cowley County Emergency Management announced Thursday there will be natural gas pipeline work between Walmart and Orscheln Farm & Home in Ark City starting Monday.

The work will include line purging and the use of a temporary service to ensure there is no interruption of service.

“Natural gas companies and operators share a primary goal of providing safe and reliable service while maintaining an uninterrupted supply of natural gas for residential and commercial customers,” a statement from Cowley County Emergency Management said. “Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, service can be interrupted, but there’s a unique solution in the form of temporary Liquefied Natural Gas service.

“Utilities and municipalities, can benefit from this type of temporary service while pipeline infrastructure is being repaired, replaced or newly constructed. Utilities can benefit from these options during emergency supply situations when service interruptions occur due to repairs and line purging.”

Mobile Energy Solutions will be in place Sunday at the community gate for Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline that is located in between the Orscheln and Walmart parking lot.

Southern Star, in collaboration with MES, will utilize LNG service via transport trucks to secure gas supply for Ark City, during the line purging and scheduled pipeline maintenance that will occur from Monday through Wednesday, Cowley County Emergency Management says.

“The community can expect to see visual condensation around the trucks, bright lights, and hear a loud report (noise) when the line is being purged,” the county said. “The sight will have safety personal onsite from both energy companies and safe zone areas marked off for duration of operations.

“We ask that the public avoid the safe zone area and spread awareness on what is occurring and help limit non-emergent calls to 911. Arkansas City Fire, Cowley County Emergency Management, and Cowley County Emergency Communications will monitor the ongoing situation and remain in communication with Southern Star and MES.”