Following $148M victory, Georgia election workers sue Giuliani again seeking to prevent further defamation


(NEW YORK) — On the heels of winning a $148 million defamation judgment Friday against Rudy Giuliani, former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss have again sued the former New York City mayor seeking to “permanent bar” him from making additional defamatory comments about them.

Following a week-long trial, a federal jury last week ordered Giuliani to pay nearly $150 million to the mother and daughter for defaming them with false accusations that they committed election fraud while counting ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County on Election Day in 2020.

In a 134-page complaint filed Monday, attorneys for the two women wrote that Giuliani “continues to spread the very same lies for which he has already been held liable,” citing comments made last week to ABC News’ Terry Moran outside of court, in which Giuliani insisted that Freeman and Moss were “changing votes.”

The two women asked the court to prevent Giuliani from “making or publishing … further statements repeating any and all false claims that plaintiffs engaged in election fraud, illegal activity, or misconduct of any kind during or related to the 2020 presidential election.”

In a separate court filing in their initial defamation case, attorneys for Freeman and Moss warned a federal judge that “there is a substantial risk” that Giuliani will attempt to avoid paying the women, and asked the judge to “permit immediate enforcement” of the $148 million judgment for fear that Giuliani could attempt to “find a way to dissipate [his] assets before plaintiffs are able to recover.”

Former Georgia state prosecutor Chris Timmons, an ABC News contributor, said that Freeman and Moss are “arguing that if they can’t start securing his assets, Mr. Giuliani will hide or dispose of all of them.”

“The Rudy Giuliani you see today is the same man who took down the Mafia, cleaned up New York City, lifted hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty, and comforted the nation — and world — following the terrorist attacks of September 11th,” Giuliani political adviser Ted Goodman said in a statement to ABC News.

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