What we know about Kentucky’s gun laws after Louisville shooting


(LOUISVIILLE, Ky.) — Kentucky is one of 26 states that allow for permitless carry of firearms for eligible adults.

The state passed a law in 2019 that removed the provisions that mandated state gun owners pass a background check if they were going to going to conceal carry their weapon.

Under the law, most adults over 21 can purchase and carry a firearm and take them to most places in the state without any license.

Although gun owners can still apply for a gun license, which requires background checks, they are only meant for people who need such permits when traveling out of state.

Aside from federal laws that prohibit gun purchases by people with convicted felonies, there are no Kentucky laws that prohibit gun purchases to state residents who have mental health disorders, violent misdemeanor convictions, domestic abuse-related restraining orders, or anyone with substance abuse disorders.

Firearms are still prohibited in several locations in the state.

Schools, government buildings, courthouses, police stations and any place that serves alcohol are gun-free locations in the state, according to Kentucky law.

The law does not have any provisions preventing firearms in several locations such as hospitals, houses of worship, sports arenas, casinos, polling places and banks, according to state law.

However, local business owners and public and private colleges are also allowed to prohibit firearms on their properties, but they must have adequate signage on their premises, according to state law.

On Monday, a gunman opened fire in a Louisville bank killing four people and injuring others, police said. The gunman was killed after police arrived don’t the scene, according to investigators.

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