‘Yellowstone’ Actor To Visit 7 Clans First Council Casino Saturday

(Image courtesy 7 Clans First Council Casino)

A Lakota Nation tribal member and “Yellowstone” TV series actor Mo Brings Plenty will be at 7 Clans First Casino just north of Newkirk Saturday.

He will be there from 5-6 p.m.

The following is from the 7 Clans’ Facebook page:

Are you a Yellowstone Fan?

He is known by his English name Mo, but his traditional name is Ta Sunke Wospapi – it means “catches his horse” and is befitting a man who spends more time on his horses than anywhere else.

Then mark your calendars to Meet Mo Brings Plenty on Nov. 12 from 5pm to 6pm.

Mo Brings Plenty is an enrolled tribal member of the Lakota Nation who hails from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Today, as a rancher, he now calls the Sunflower State (Kansas) home. His family: he is Makes Room on his mother’s side, and a Brings Plenty on his father’s, and he comes from a long line of warriors; his maternal and paternal grandfathers and great-grandfather fought at The Battle at Little Big Horn.

It is for the history of Mo’s family that he sees the world through a lens that depicts the sacrifices his family and ancestors made so that he would be here, and Mo acknowledges that with every breath he takes, and every decision he makes.

When Mo isn’t moving cattle, he is acting and is best known for the role his role as “Mo Brings Plenty,” on Taylor Sheridan and the Paramount Network’s record-breaking juggernaut series, Yellowstone. And other acting works include his role as “Ottawa Jones” in the Peabody award-winning Showtime limited series The Good Lord Bird. Mo has portrayed Crazy Horse,” “Sitting Bull,” and many other historical Indian warriors who have solidified their place in the history of this country.

He has also twice portrayed Charlie Soap – the widower of the first woman elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller (November 18, 1945-April 6, 2010) in The Cherokee Word for Water and Gloria Steinem’s The Glorias, respectively.

If all that wasn’t enough, when Mo isn’t ranching or acting, you will find him with and working on one of Taylor Sheridan’s many productions serving as the American Indian consultant where he ensures the authenticity of all American Indian storylines, set design, hair and make-up, and costumes. It is a rare collaboration seen in film and television.

But in the end, when you put the ranching, acting, and consulting aside what you will find is a simple man who tries to make all his decision with a good heart and good intent, and a man who fights for cultural diversity to be acknowledged as it should be, and a man who wholeheartedly believes in human kindness and unity amongst all who walk this earth.