Consumers push back on higher prices amid inflation woes

(NEW YORK) -- McDonald's customers are more reluctant to add fries to their order, grocery shoppers are less willing to swallow the elevated price of Unilever mayonnaise and Target customers are balking at some high-priced items.Executives from each of these companies mentioned the respective... Read More.

Tech firms push ‘passkeys’ to usher in password-free logins

(NEW YORK) -- When it comes to the password habits of Americans, there's some room for improvement. But some tech companies are hoping a new security technology known as a "passkey" may offer a solution.Passkeys, as they're known, is a new security technology that works... Read More.

Bipartisan pair of lawmakers push to protect children online

(WASHINGTON) -- Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn introduced bipartisan legislation Tuesday focused on protecting children online and holding social media companies accountable as cries mount for improved safety features.The legislation would mandate independent annual audits to assess risks to minors, require social media companies... Read More.