Louisiana’s Fort Polk renamed after African American WWI soldier

(LEESVILLE, La.) -- As part of the national campaign to change the names of U.S. Army installations to cut ties with Confederate figures in America, Louisiana’s Fort Polk was redesignated to Fort Johnson Tuesday morning.The campaign includes renaming nine U.S. Army bases, including North Carolina’s... Read More.

Georgia’s Fort Benning renamed Fort Moore

(COLUMBUS, Ga.) -- The U.S. Army training base formerly known as Fort Benning was renamed Fort Moore on Thursday to honor a late lieutenant general and his wife and remove ties to a Confederate general.The ceremony to rededicate the base to Lt. Gen. Harold "Hal"... Read More.

Fort Lee renamed in honor of 2 Black US Army trailblazers

(FORT LEE, Va.) -- Fort Lee, a U.S. Army post named after the leader of the Confederate army during the Civil War, was renamed Fort Gregg-Adams in honor of two Black U.S. Army trailblazers during a redesignation ceremony Thursday."I hope that this community will... Read More.